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  • Spring 2013 Newsletter (4 pages) (PDF)

  • “Stages of Faith and Family and Application” by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission
  • A Lesson Plan Outline – with our without a textbook
  • Resources for Great Lent
  • Adapting the “Pascha Egg” project for a better “Easter Egg Hunt.” 
  • A Description of Jesus
  • Lazarus Race
  • Pascha Projects for Wee Folk
  • Journey with Jesus – 6 sites Jesus traveled between the Last Supper & the Crucifixion
  • Jesus Travels to Jerusalem – Who traveled with Jesus while He was with us?
  • Lenten Word Search

  • Learning Objectives for Preschool & Kindergarten (PDF)

  • NEW! Site Index (WORD)
  • Fall 2012 Newsletter (4 pages) (PDF)(WORD)
  • Spring 2012 Newsletter (3 pages) (PDF) (RTF)
  • Lent, Holy Week & Pascha Resources at - handout (PDF) (RTF)
  • Pascha vs. Easter, Eggs, Bunnies & Baskets article 2012 edition - handout (PDF)
  • Lenten Calendar 2012 - handout (PDF) (EXCEL)
  • A Special Pascha Tree: The Triodion Sundays - bulletin board handout (PDF)
  • 10 Q & A about the Myrrbearers from an Orthodox online source - handout (PDF)
  • 2011 Fall Newsletter Vol. XVIII, No. I - complete packet (PDF)
  • 2011 Fall Newsletter Vol. XVIII, No. II (PDF) (WORD)(RTF)
  • A Message from the Archdiocese Director: "Get Parents Involved!" (PDF)
  • Welcome to the Religious Education Commission (PDF)
  • Greek Archdiocese Curriculum 2011 (PDF)
  • Department of Religious Education Resources (PDF)
  • Online Resources - 2011 (PDF) (WORD)
  • 55 Maxims For Christian Living by Fr Thomas Hopko (PDF)
  • "Christmas is Coming!" by Dr. Anton Vrame (PDF)
  • Holy Land Posters & Order Form (PDF)
  • 2011-2012 Yellow Pages (PDF)(DOC) (RTF)
  • Learning Objectives: Grades 1-5 Textbooks Keep 1 Set Teacher's Reference (PDF)
  • Learning Objectives: Middle/Jr & Sr High Textbooks Teacher's Reference Set (PDF)
  • Little Falcons Children's Magazine - Editor's Letter and Order Form for 2011-2012 (PDF)
  • Reader Theatre—"Let us Attend" Sunday's Gospel for Children
    (Acting out the Gospel) Go to & click onto "Let Us Attend!"
  • Learning Opportunities for Middle School & High School (PDF)
  • 2005 Yellow Pages for Religious Education(PDF) (RTF)

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